Graphic Design | Nemoi Advertising and Design

Conference Banners and Booth Display Design

We’ve created several conference banners and booth displays
for our clients. Showcasing their brand voice throughout
the displays.


Brochure booklets


Point of Purchase – Salad To Go – Our role was as a subcontractor conceptualizing four layouts that showed a fresh way of reaching out to customers to create their own unique salad.



Yearly brochure booklet

We were honored to work with CHPAA to produce a booklet that they were pleased to have.

Compton CareerLink

Indoor and Outdoor Signage

This signage was created for The CareerLink located in the City of Compton. Our role was to design the brand voice for The community work center with a new logo, color combination, and signage that would be laid out throughout the CareeLink building. design.

Working with the Design Group interior design company and with Flynn signs company, we placed the signage throughout the building inside. Making sure that the signage fit legal state requirements.

Poster Comps

Here are two poster compositions.